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When Booking a Corporate Party DJ in Vaughan, Look No Further than Sound X Entertainment

Booking a Corporate Party DJ in The City of Vaughan


Everyone wants to have a good time at a party. That’s what parties are for; to help folks forget about their worries, allowing them to kick back, relax and enjoy themselves. Parties are also about forging important connections, informally getting to know co-workers, clients or making personal and professional contacts. Corporate parties can also be about branding; projecting the right image to the right people. It could be a sophisticated charitable fundraiser or an event that exudes energy and innovation. What ever the occasion, a memorable party needs the right music and lighting to set the mood. That’s where a good DJ comes in. If a corporate party needs a DJ in Vaughan, there is an excellent option.


What Makes a Good Party?


When planning a corporate party, start by determining the reason for the event. Is the party being held to celebrate the staff who work there? Is the party designed to mark the launch of a new product? Is it part of a brand awareness campaign? Knowing the reason behind the party can help guide the planning process; dictating what venue is being booked and who is going to be on the guest list.


Why Hire a Professional DJ?


While it might be tempting to hire the boss’s son who has an excellent playlist on his iPod, it’s not a good idea. An experienced DJ brings much more than a good playlist to the venue. They bring the experience of having played at a variety of events. They should come with state-of-the-art equipment and be able to move the evening along smoothly and seamlessly. A professional DJ is backed up by a membership in the Canadian Professional Disk Jockey Association and should have a license to play copyrighted music, certified by Connect Music Licencing.


Digital X Entertainment


One DJ company that is based in the city of Vaughan and consistently gets top ratings is Digital X Entertainment. Digital X Entertainment boasts a wide roster of DJs, each with over ten years of experience. They know how to mix the perfect music list for every party but are seasoned enough to be able to read a room and give the partiers more of what they want. They offer interactivity, making sure everyone is involved and having a good time and are careful to be sensitive to different cultural backgrounds. Good DJs can also act as an emcee and many Sound X DJs have the vocal chops and experience to take this on.


Before Booking


Before signing on the dotted line schedule a personal consultation with a Sound X DJ to make sure all the elements are in place. These DJs are seasoned pros who can often offer valuable advice on how to make the most of the chosen venue. They can provide total sound control, from making sure the dance floor rocks and the speeches can be heard, to also ensuring there are quieter areas for conversations. Sound X can also set up kinetic, interactive lighting, offering high-tech LED light shows with an endless choice of colours and shades. When looking for a corporate party DJ in Vaughan, look no further than Digital X Entertainment.
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